Mission & Vision


We, at Kautilya Konsultants, strive to provide the best of coaching and guidance to our students so that they can achieve whatever they want to in their

lives. But we do realize that preparation comes before achievement. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to provide the best study environment to our

students where they can prepare well to make the most of their Careers and Future.



The Profession of Teaching is Not What it Used to Be !

There was a time when teachers were compared to the Gods and the position of the teacher in one’s life came next only to one’s parents.

We believe that the future of any nation is its children and that future is in the hands of its teachers.

As Adi Shankara says,

“A Good Teacher cannot be compared to a Philosopher’s Stone because a Philosopher’s Stone can transform Iron to Gold but cannot create another

Philosopher’s Stone. But a good teacher can create thousands like him or her”!

At Kautilya Konsultants, our aim is to simply help create an

environment where teachers and students can achieve Excellence in Life through

Focus, Dedication and Diligence.